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Atelier UpCyCleman : Ed van Glabbeek makes exclusive lamps and decorative lighting, crealization decorative home accessories , handmade , factory
Industrial meets country, rural, vintage, rustic, characteristic, exclusive, industrial
lamps & lights, caged lamp, wirelamp, bully, wall lamp, worklamp, floor lamp, pendant lamp, desk lamp, chandelier, industrial lamp, light, floor lamp, table lamp,
cage, bulb, factory industrial, vintage, Pendant light, retro , floorlamp
Material: wood, metal, porcelain, bakelite, enamel, bulb, wire, headlight bulb, E27, E14, carbon filament incandescent lamp, iron wire, woven wire
reuse, repurposed, reuse, recycled, upcycled, cradle to cradle, c2c, old lamps

JuSt SomeThing DiffeRent

WitH A Little ChiP Off



UpCyCleMan is one of the most unique
re-maker of decorative lamps & clocks .

It has already been delivered for at home, shop window, shop, catering, restaurant, cafe, coffee bar, TV show, escaperoom, theater, foodtruck, garden house, music festival, Disney movie production .

An appointment will be made for the crealization, payment, shipping and any additional modifications and service or advice.

The workshop can adjust lamps on request, but also in order.  All available lamps can be puchased via the contact form or a personal email.
This contact is to request information and to place orders.

UpCyCleMan is the "Creafter" who likes to go to flea markets, snoop around at demolition or rummage through the old iron, just let him do .......

His Workshop is a Re-Pairshop where old parts are brought together into new functional decoration.
Also old vintage interior items are restored (lamps, furniture....)
Perhaps you have something that is ready for restoration and could have a new life ?
Let me know what you're have to be restored or upcycled ........

He also likes to tinker and craft with the found treasures to give them a new destination.
A number of these freestyle creations are offered in the WebShop.

Oh yes, Upcycling is to process old materials and parts into a new functional product.


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